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At Robin Hood Rx we search through all of the online resources available to find the absolute lowest price for your prescription! This search process includes discount coupon companies, online pharmacies both local and internationally, local pharmacy cash pricing in your area, prescription assistance programs, and many more!

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Unlimited Prescription Searches

Members are allowed to search any prescription anytime and receive the lowest price available

Price Match Guarantee

Here at Robin Hood Rx we guarantee that the price you get is the lowest available. Find a lower price and we will match or beat it! (Example of appropriate comparisons: Goodrx, CVS, Walgreens, Blink Health)

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Unlimited Prescription Consultations

Book a 1 on 1 consultation with a team member and get a detailed report of the lowest price available and multiple options to purchase. (Ex: Price comparison of home delivery vs local pickup or searching many prescriptions at once)

Partners In Healthcare

Healthcare Memberships are healthcare simplified into the form of one low monthly payment. Our philosophy is to keep it simple and provide high quality healthcare to everyone. Members will never need to guess how much their healthcare will cost because it is all paid for!

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Save Money

Save Money by ordering directly to your home, pharmacy of choice, and for applicable members, save money through bulk orders on reoccurring prescriptions

We Are Not Insurance

Robin Hood Rx is a prescription fare finder designed to be used in conjunction with a Cage Free Care Healthcare Membership

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Prescription Search Results can be given at least one hour from the time searched. Consultations can be booked with a 12 Hour Notice

Cage Free Care

Cage Free Care offers alternatives to insurance through Healthcare Memberships. To sign up for Robin Hood Rx please visit their site

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What’s Our Clients Say

I was able to find incredible deals and always had the time to go over in detail over the phone how the coupons and online pharmacies work! Only having to make a one time payment to get 24/7 access to the lowest prescription prices online. I was paying $250 every month:( Now I pay $80 every 9 months:) On top of that thanks to getting a fixed rate Cage Free Care healthcare membership plan, I was able to get a discount on my one time purchase! Thank you Robin Hood Rx!

Real Member
I will never want to go anywhere else again. Highly recommend, actually semi-demand you should at least call or send in your scripts for a free report of what they can initially show you in pricing support like I did. I know this is a long review, I rarely ever do reviews because not many businesses have impacted me so positively like Robin Hood Rx. It’s changed my life from working to pay for my life to now working to pay to live. JUST TRY IT! I promise there is NO WAY you could go wrong – I am so thankful! Thank you again Robin Hood Rx! Please always stay true to your methods and continue to practice this amazing company that I know will help so many like myself!

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I love this company! My mom was paying too much for her prescriptions and Robin Hood Rx was able to save her money on 9 out of the 10 medications she was paying for. She has insurance and this was still a cheaper route. They were even able to work with her Dr. to get most of her prescriptions written for a year instead of every 3 months.

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My pharmacy prescriptions for asthma management, diabetes, and more total to over $600 a month with the top corporate health insurance coverage in the nation, they had unmatched data research than ANY OTHER prescription health support I’d ever seen with access to so many pharmacy providers and discounts than I’ve ever heard of. They were able to get my monthly costs down to about $50 a month and continually search for updates on better prices and will notify me of any as soon as they are available.

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